Hiram Award Winners

The Hiram Award is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a Brother who has unselfishly given of his time, talents and energy for the betterment of his Lodge and Freemasonry. It is awarded following many years of Devoted Service. The Hiram Award is signed by the Grand Master and issued by the Grand Lodge for presentation to the Brother by his own Lodge. The following Brothers have been awarded the Prestigious Hiram Award by Vista Lodge.

Abe Rollband, PM 1978
Jack McNamee, PM 1978
William Rhodes 1979
Gene Keim 1980
Wade C. Wilson, PM 1981
George C. Schrum, PM 1982
T. A. Kanester, PM 1983
Frank Peavey 1984
Richard C. Sachs, PM 1985
W. A. (Bill) Dellenbach 1986
Horace R. Kice, PM 1987
Arthur T. Smith 1988
William N. Claman 1989
Sammy L. Travis 1990
Thomas E. Grimes, PM 1991
G. Lawrence R. Pilj, PM 1992
Victor O. (Lucky) Moen, PM 1993
Jerrold A. Wohlfarth, PM 1994
Joseph F. Medeiros 1994
Edwin Alspach, PM 1997
Charles Sharp, PM 1997
Allan Caro 1998
Robert Edwards 1999
Robert Wade, PM 2000
William Sherred, PM 2001
Donald G. Barker, PM 2002
Robert R. McLintock, PM 2003
Ronald A. Lee, PM 2004
James R. Lewis, PM 2005
Thomas E. Colgan, PM 2006
Tony Garcia 2007
John Hamilton, PM 2009