Saturday March 25 , 2017

District Inspectors


For many years, North San Diego County was divided into two Masonic Districts, the 636th & 637th. In 1993, The Grand Lodge of California consolidated these two Districts into the 490th Masonic District. The following brethren of Vista Lodge have served the Grand Lodge as the Grand Masters local representative as Inspectors for the respective districts

Lewis H. Field, PM 637th District
Melvin F. Schuster, PM 636th District
T. A. Kanester, PM 636th District
George C. Schrum, PM 636th District
Jerrold A. Wohlfarth, PM 637th District
William L. Sherred, PM 490th District
Jerrold A. Wohlfarth, PM 490th District
Thomas E. Colgan, PM 490th District
Thomas E. Colgan, PM 901st Masonic District

2013 Officers

Worshipful Master
Kirtley F. Wilson

Senior Warden
Peter S. Buswell

Junior Warden
Robert R. McLintock, PM

Michael L. Dinnel

Harold R. Leistmann, III

John M. Hamilton, PM

Senior Deacon
Brandon M. Gruber

Junior Deacon
John P. McLean

Kenneth L. Johnson, Jr.

Senior Steward
Thomas A. Gillespie

Junior Steward
Steven D. Lerner

David L. McLintock

Inspector 901st Masonic District
Thomas E. Colgan, PM

Hall Rental Manager
Oscar G. Aponte