Saturday March 25 , 2017

Cornerstone Ceremonies


Since the early days when Vista Lodge was a Masonic Club, the Masons of Vista have been involved in the Public Schools of our community. Cornerstone dedication ceremonies are officiated by the Grand Lodge of California. The ceremony of today is the same as that used by Brother George Washington for the White House and the United States Capital. As shown below, the first record of a Cornerstone in Vista was in 1938, when Vista High School was dedicated by the Grand Lodge of California. There is historical reference to a second Cornerstone by the Vista Masonic Club, but no further information is available. The next two cornerstone ceremonies were in 1971 and 1972. Thomas E. Grimes was Master in 1972. In 1986 Cornerstone Ceremonies were renewed by Worshipful Master Jerrold A. Wohlfarth.

Date School
16 June 1938 Vista High School (Now Lincoln Middle)
31 July 1971 Westwood Jr High (Rancho Bernardo)
16 September 1972 Vista High School
25 October 1986 Sierra Vista High School
25 October 1986 Alta Vista High School
25 April 1987 Rancho Buena Vista High School
25 April 1988 Alamosa Park Elementary School
8 April 1989 Roosevelt Middle School
8 April 1989 Lake Elementary School
24 March 1990 Empressa Elementary School
4 April 1992 Vista Adult School
4 April 1992 Mission Meadows Elementary School
7 May 1994 Breeze Hill Elementary School
23 May 1997 Vista High School
6 April 2002 Madison Middle School
31 January 2004 Temple Heights Elementary School
10 June 2005 Hanalei Elementary School
10 June  2005 Foothill –Oak Elementary School

2013 Officers

Worshipful Master
Kirtley F. Wilson

Senior Warden
Peter S. Buswell

Junior Warden
Robert R. McLintock, PM

Michael L. Dinnel

Harold R. Leistmann, III

John M. Hamilton, PM

Senior Deacon
Brandon M. Gruber

Junior Deacon
John P. McLean

Kenneth L. Johnson, Jr.

Senior Steward
Thomas A. Gillespie

Junior Steward
Steven D. Lerner

David L. McLintock

Inspector 901st Masonic District
Thomas E. Colgan, PM

Hall Rental Manager
Oscar G. Aponte