Fraternal Support

Relief, one of the principal tenets of Freemasonry, comes in many forms – from helping a Mason in financial need or one who is ill or lonely to assisting a Mason’s widow or orphan.

California Masons benefit from the organized relief efforts provided by the Masonic Homes of California.

Masonic Homes of California
The Masons of this state founded the Masonic Homes of California over 100 years ago to provide organized relief to those in need. Today, in residential and community-based programs, the Masonic Homes cares for hundreds of Master Masons, their wives, widows, and children.

The Masonic Homes maintains two campuses, one in Union City and one in Covina, that provide three levels of care including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care. The Union City campus also includes care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Masonic Homes provides assistance to those who wish to remain in their own home or in another care facility through the Masonic Outreach Services program.

For more information regarding admissions to the Masonic Homes, visit, call toll free (888) 466-3642 or email
Masonic Outreach Services
The Masonic Homes of California provides the Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) program for fraternal family members who prefer to age in their own homes or home communities yet need help coping with the challenges associated with aging.

MOS helps identify appropriate local service care providers, develops a comprehensive care plan, and provides financial assistance to those in need.

For more information on MOS, visit, call toll free (888) 466-3642 or email .

Lodge Ambassadors
Lodge Ambassadors, who act as information officers for lodges, their individual members, and widows, help identify those in need.

To request a presentation at your lodge about all organized relief efforts provided by the Masonic Homes of California, call (510) 675-1245 or email .