Becoming a Mason

Honor, character and integrity are the primary determiners for membership. Applications are accepted from men who are at least eighteen years old and believe in a Supreme Being. Masons do not come in one shape, size or color. We encourage Men of high character to apply regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religious preference, or political view. Masons are in most every country in the world and are bound together by the bond of brotherhood.

One of Masonry’s traditions, in fact our code, is that we do not solicit members. Men must seek membership on their own initiative. When you’re ready to join, you can contact us and someone will contact you regarding membership. Here’s a quick breakdown of the process:

The first step in becoming a Mason is to contact the Lodge to begin the process. You must meet Masons to become one. You can schedule a one-on-one to ask questions or request to visit during an event where you can meet many, or both. Your questions will be answered and you’ll be asked questions but the process does not formally begin until you request an application.

When you have completed your application, it must be signed by two Masons who recommend you for membership. If you do not know any Masons personally, the Lodge will help make introductions. You can also contact the Lodge Secretary for assistance.

When you turn in your application with the application fee, your application is read at the next Lodge Stated Meeting (our monthly business meeting) which is the first Tuesday of the month. At that time your application will be officially accepted. The Lodge Master will assign three brothers to meet with you independently and review your application and answer your questions. This is as much for you to explore you desire to join as it is for us to evaluate you as an applicant. If you’re married, they’ll want to meet your wife. Masonry is intended to make us better men and strengthen our ties to family and community. If your wife is not in support of you becoming a Mason, we won’t move forward. She may ask as many questions as she likes and we’ll take whatever time it takes to answer her questions. While this is taking place, a background check is being run. Felony convictions a few other issues will affect your eligibility.

Once the previous step is complete, your application will be voted upon at the next Stated, or monthly, Lodge meeting.

You will be notified of the results, and if accepted to receive the degrees of Masonry, you will receive instructions about the three degree ceremonies. The degrees explain Freemasonry and give you the opportunity to experience the Masonry’s traditions and heritage. You will be assigned a coach who will guide you through your journey of discovering what it is to be Mason. He’ll also work with you to explore all the opportunities in Masonry.

You’ll first be initiated and Entered Apprentice Mason, then passed to the degree of Fellowcraft. Finally you be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason when you will become a full member and have the credentials to travel the world as a Mason.